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WHAT´S ON? June 21, 2008

Posted by universalstudies in News by Leonardo Magalhães.
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(by Leonardo Magalhães) In the world since film acting began, important festivals were organized to show the true dedication of the actors’ work. The super productions of movies really illustrate the hard team work and the creativity in order to make the audience enjoy and take a journey throughout the story.
The Cannes Festival and the Academy Award are genuinely respected. They view the beauty of acting, directing, producing, writing, etc.

They both do have the red carpet and lights shining at the enormous stage where the nomination occurs. The nominees are all winners and all movies represent a well done job. Delectable people applause whether they are in the ceremony or watching TV. These events are held once a year and establish a powerful sign of artistic passion.

The Oscars are planned in February and the Cannes in May; at the moment, the Brazilian actress, Sandra Corveloni, has just won the prize for best actress in the movie, “Linha de passe” by Walter Salles. Furthermore, the great story of José Saramago comes to the big theater directed by Fernando Meirelles; “Blindness” opens the Cannes Festival. Although Fernando thought it was awkward to open Cannes with such a strong movie, there was enthusiasm and dominated the theme of suspense and thriller. The movie is very polemical and describes human nature revealing that people can see but they are blind by their own flaws.

Overall, artistic events are significant as they congratulate many artists.
It is simply an act of celebration.