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Barbie’s turning 50


Barbie, the classic Mattel doll, turns 50 on March 9. Generations of girls have cherished the beloved doll, who has modeled countless looks and had more than 100 careers.
If you’re a Barbie fan, we want to hear from you. Do you have a favorite doll or have you amassed a large collection? Do your children play with Barbie dolls?




Clean living way to beat cancer


Over 40% of breast and bowel cancer cases in rich countries are preventable through diet, physical activity and weight control alone, experts say.

Simple measures like cycling to work and swapping fatty foods for fruit can make all the difference for these and many other cancers, they say.

Globally, each year there are millions of these preventable cancer cases, the World Cancer Research Fund estimates.

Its report makes recommendations for “clean living” policies.

According to the report, about a third of the 12 most common cancers in high-income countries and about a quarter in lower income countries could be prevented through diet, exercise and weight control.

This includes cancers of the throat, lung and bowel.


After not smoking, it is clear that diet, physical activity and weight are the most important things people can do to reduce their cancer risk clip_image008

Professor Mike Richards
National Clinical Director for Cancer


Apple opens $9.99 software store July 31, 2008

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Four months after Steve Jobs first announced it, Apple’s App Store — the showcase for third-party developers writing new software for the iPhone and iPod touch — has opened its doors, at least for some users.

The timing of the launch was apparently driven by New Zealand, where the iPhone 3G was set to go on sale at 12:01 a.m., Friday July 11. Given the time difference, that dictated an opening in the United States no later than 8:01 a.m. EDT on Thursday.

What will you find in the App Store? There are already 26 full pages of programs, with 21 applications on each, and according to Apple there’s a lot more to come.

In interviews with the New York Times and USA Today, Steve Jobs offered a few statistics:

  • More than 500 programs
  • 90% of them $9.99 or less
  • 25% of them free
  • One third of them games

In addition to games, the store is expected to offer lots of educational programs, mobile commerce and business productivity tools.

Can Bruni be first lady of pop? July 31, 2008

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The singer-songwriter will be hoping the album repeats her early success

Frenzied media coverage has followed the whirlwind relationship of Carla Bruni and husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy at every turn.

Newspapers and television stations around the world have been captivated by the grace and elegance of the Italian-born former top model.

But little, outside of French-speaking countries, is known of the 40-year-old’s singing career despite 2003 debut album Quelqu’un m’a dit (Someone Told Me) – a minimalist folky affair – selling two million copies.

Last year’s No Promises, which set the words of English poets to original music, sold a disappointing 380,000 copies.

Largely self-penned third album Comme si de rien n’etait (As If Nothing Had Happened) – her first since becoming Sarkozy’s first lady – is released in Europe on Friday and in the UK on Monday.