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WE WILL ROCK YOU July 21, 2009

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(by Samara)




Aside from speculations and media scandals surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, the news came as a shock to everyone on June 25. A music icon was lost. And now, more than ever, people have truly realized what kind of power and influence he had worldwide. On July 7, millions of people connected through music in a memorial, where several artists paid tribute to him and his music.

Are his songs close to his reality? Or our reality for 
that matter? Here are some snippets we have collected. 
Read them and decide for yourself.
“Situation, aggravation. Everybody, allegation. In the suite, 
on the news. Knowing no ills, needing no pills. D
o you remember the time? That’s how it should have been. 
Why did you have to go and leave the world so cold? 
Well they say the sky's the limit. Now I believe in miracles 
and a miracle has happened tonight. No message 
could have been any clearer. 
If you wanna make the world a better place, 
take a look at yourself, then make a change.” 






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