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HEALTH MATTERS July 21, 2009

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(by Aline)



Fight stress with S.T.R.E.S.S.


Sleep- Usually we demand more from our body than it can give and it, consequently, reduces our capability of performance. A minimum of eight hours of sleep everyday ensures that we are well rested to take on the challenges of the next day without feeling fatigued, tired and irritated.




Treat yourself- Take a break to do things you like: Go for a long ride in the car or take a weekend off and watch only comedy movies on your home theatre. When you are stressed you are not able to contribute positively to your family, environment or the society in general.




Relax- There is nothing in the world that is worth spoiling your health for. So, take some time to relax both mentally and phisically. Make an appointment for a salon, meditate, book yourself in a resort… Relax!




Eat well- Stress weakens the immune system. Ensure that you have a hearty breakfast and nutritious meals irrespective of how busy you may be. The way you consume food is also important: instead of eating while driving or on the move, you should have your meals on a relaxed fashion.




Symbolic clearance of mind- People who are capable of power naps actually free their minds of any thought for ten minutes and wake up completely rejuvenated. Meditation is another manner in which you can train yourself to free your mind of worries.




Supercharge yourself- When there are times when you know that you need to handle something urgent you can use the power of your mind to charge yourself. All that it requires is grit and a strong will power to make it work. Look at things from a positive angle and see how you feel energized to take things head and resolve issues.





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