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WHAT’S ON? May 20, 2009

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(by Leonardo Magalhães)

An Actor’s Work


A true actor is one of those brilliant-minded people in the world that undertake a lot of hard work highlighting discipline and creativity with the power of love and passion.

A true actor abundantly brings the warm-hearted pleasure, with his or her heart beating with joy, and who is honoured to accept such great merit from the world.

Bright actors are those who are talented and wise, who broaden their horizons beyond the stars throughout the vast universe so beautiful and admirable.

The actor then sells himself or herself as a genius, as he or she has managed to master the varieties of different souls in different forms of expression, through every experience out there… Most importantly, he or she is unlimited, in that he or she never stops learning. Therefore, good wisdom only burgeons for the best of spiritual beings.

When an actor gets prepared, he or she researches a character both physically and mentally, taking the risk needed for success. The actor then begins to build up the character through contact with nature and the infinite imagination… There are jungles to be explored and mountains to be climbed… the path for bringing laughter and emotional feelings, the unique values from life and a simple pastime to enjoy life. After all, it’s all magical.

That’s the true art of representation.



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