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WE WILL ROCK YOU May 20, 2009

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(by Samara)

Have you ever heard of Amy?


Britney Spears has just filmed her new music video entitled If you Seek Amy. Now you ask me…so, what’s up with that? The thing is Britney is again causing a stir in the US because of the lyrics to If You Seek Amy. In early January the pop princess announced this would be the third single from her current album named Circus, causing a great number of US radio stations to threaten to ban the track from being broadcast across the country. At first glance, the lyrics seem to be just another pop tune that does not make any sense at all…until you arrange them phonetically. The chorus features the phrase Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy. Got it? No? Ok…try saying If You Seek Amy a little faster. The phrase if you seek Amy turns into the spelled alphabet letters to the ‘f-word’. Shocker!!

That is why, in order not to be banned from radio stations, Britney and her record label dropped the ‘k’ of the word seek and now fans can sing to a more polite version called If You See Amy without any harms, puns or bad words. Although the lyrics were altered after the uproar, the music video below, in an attempt to criticize the so-called perfect American wife, shows Britney singing the original verses to If You Seek Amy.




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