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Dear all,

It is known that the world is going through harsh times and that something, we do not know exactly what, has come to definitely change the way people think, behave, act and react.

In times of recession, the winners are those who are able to maintain the positive attitude to life. Myth has it that we are what we think we are and I truly believe that the Universe blows positive winds towards for those who do not throw in the towel soon.

In times of change we are not given the right to hesitate and give up the fight. In the face of adversity we are to rethink our values and focus on our goals if we want to change habits at all. John Dryden once said

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us”

Fantasizing is important because it takes us to a temporarily unreal reality and prepares our mind to accept opportunity when it arrives. Without this preparation we would not recognize(s) opportunity.

Fantasizing before the opportunity is the difference between can-do leaders and followers. It prepares people for the day when dreams come true.

                              Are you ready?

                                                                                                           Priscila Raposo



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