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LET’S GET FLUENT? May 20, 2009

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(by Amoretinha)

Can you call it a name?

Lately the press has been talking a lot about Edmar Moreira and his castle; therefore a lot of students have been asking how to say “deputado” in English. Well, political position is usually really difficult to translate, since it changes from country to country; we all know, for example, that in the UK they do not have “president”; thus, if you are to mention Mr. Moreira case using the English language, you cannot say he is a “deputy”, since it means someone who is directly below another person in rank, and who is officially in charge when that person is not there, commonly translated to Portuguese as “substituto”, “suplente”, “adjunto”, “vice” and even “assistente”. So it is really common to hear “Deputy Sheriff”, sometimes only “Deputy” meaning “Xerife Adjunto”. You can also hear “Deputy Director” and “Deputy Governor”, as examples of “vice

Ok, I know I did not solve the problem if you are to talk about the owner of that beautiful castle in Brazil; if you are talking to an American, you would definitely have to say “Representative” or “Congressman”; however, if you are talking to a British person, you would say “Member of the Parliament” or simply MP, even though in a lot of coutries he would be called other names…




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