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WHAT’S ON? March 16, 2009

Posted by priscilaraposo in What's on.

(by Leonardo Magalhães)

clip_image002Road to the Oscars

When you turn your TV on to watch live the one and only, the ‘Oscars’, you get involved with the most praised and respected film academy on Earth; the most fantastic, artistic, creative ceremony ever created, shortly after a dinner at the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. A discussion was held during that dinner thinking of ways to reward outstanding performances and motion pictures, as an honour for the Art of Interpretation, as well as the Art of Film and Production. At this moment, the birth of the Academy Awards was revealed to the world.


Last year saw a glut of highly valued films including ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, where Brad Pitt plays the part of a man who was born old with the mentality of a child, who gets younger, rather than older, over time. This is a story that portrays the beauty of life and shows how love and joy can highlight the power of the soul. Precious as life is, we must treat every second with worthiness and passion. Brad Pitt has done a superb job, undoubtedly a profound research of human experience mixed with elements of imagination together with real life. This was the film to have received the second highest number of Oscar nominations, a total of 13.


Other films won over the excitement of the audience, by thrill or entertainment, but nothing was more breathtaking than ‘The Dark Knight’, brought back from the comic books with Batman confronting a fearsome joker laughing his head out to chaos. Heath Ledger stunningly shocked millions by his great character development transforming into the Joker.

In 2009, the glory of the 81st Annual Academy Awards begins with a different theatre design, and Hugh Jackman as the master of ceremonies representing all motion pictures singing and dancing. His performance was an extremely well-deserved Oscar as he impressed everyone with his show.

clip_image007 clip_image009 clip_image010

There were triumphant winners like Penélope Cruz who firmly deserved her Oscar for a fantastic unique original interpretation of Maria Elena in “Vicky Christina Barcelona”; she won the Oscar for best supporting actress. The Best Actress award went to Kate Winslet, won with admiration for her marvellous work in “The Reader”. A posthumous Best Supporting Actor award went to Heath Ledger for his vivid creation of the terrifying joker, while Sean Penn was chosen as Best Actor for his part as Harvey Milk; this was a brilliant interpretation of a remarkable politician who implemented change and brought hope to millions. Last but definitely not least, for Best Picture the winner was ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ which had a strong ensemble work showing heartful values and which was, all in all, a very well produced film.

Furthermore, what was even more fascinating and touching was the way in which five Oscar-winning Actors and Actresses would walk on stage to congratulate all the nominees for every award. This showed dignity and also respect for the work or each and every person there present. Thus, the ceremony became special in its own way.

Inspiring and victorious feelings are evoked by all hard working actors, musicians, script writers, directors, producers, etc. Even being sincerely nominated for an Oscar is a true dream come true, and if this leads to becoming an Oscar winner, then this is sheer glory.

All had an outstanding performance. With confidence and light, the Actresses and Actors stepped into the theatre hall in much the same way that the Pope walks through the balcony of Saint Peter’s Cathedral.



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