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3 Effective Ways to Treat Hair Loss Naturally

If you are a typical adult, you have a hair count of about 100,000 and like the majority you wouldn’t want to let go of your crowning glory. To keep hair loss at bay and to make sure your hair stays, try out some of these natural treatments. It’s important to note that once you start experiencing hair fall, there isn’t much that the western medicine can do to help you. Except in cases of scalp infections, radiation or acute stress, hair loss is hereditary and permanent in both men and women.

There is only one hair loss product in the market that has managed to win approval as a cure for hair loss. However, the point is, it does not really work for everyone, especially when you are going through the actual balding and not thinning. Given below are some natural therapies which might prove to be helpful in controlling your hair loss or maybe even promote hair growth.



Increased blood flow to your hair follicles can immensely help in combating hair loss and growing new hair. Giving yourself a 3 minute massage daily will naturally increase blood flow to your scalp, and help in hair growth. Just make sure you do not pull your hair or be rough on them, as that can cause traction alopecia or hair loss due to friction. Instead, use your fingertips to be gentle in rubbing all the way to back of your scalp.



A blend of lavender essential oils and bay leaf can do wonders in stimulating your scalp. You will not only enjoy its pleasant smell but also feel it working. Add 6 drops of each of the oil to 4 ounces of a warm almond oil carrier, you can also use soybean or sesame oil. You can find al these ingredients conveniently at your local health food store. Once you have the mixture ready, massage it gently into the scalp, allowing it to absorb for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, add 3 drops of bay essential oil to a mild shampoo and wash it off.



For Men: Being on a low fat diet highly helps in slowing down the balding process altogether. A high fat diet usually results in an increased testosterone level, which might be tied to male pattern baldness. It’s interesting to know that before the World War II happened, Japanese men almost never experience baldness. However, now due to the influence of the western diet, they are going bald on a large extent. It’s certainly not clear or sure that a low fat diet will stop hair fall, but there is a high possibility that it may slow it down.

Finally, as with any natural therapy, consult your doctor if your hair is falling rapidly or is accompanied with other health problems such as malnutrition or hypothyroidism. When you treat your hair loss as serious problem and not take it too lightly, your hair looks better, finer and you see amazing results on the long term.

Source: http://www.healthguidance.org/authors/324/Jason-Ladock



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