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ENGLISH 4 FUN March 9, 2009

Posted by priscilaraposo in English 4 fun.


(by Zeek)

I was really surprised when I walked into a Walmart near my house on a February morning and there they were: thousands of Easter Eggs on the shelves. Therefore, Happy Easter to all of you.


Q. What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes?

A. A funny bunny

Q. How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

A. Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?

Q. How can you tell which rabbits are the oldest in a group?

A. Just look for the gray hares.

Q. How are rabbits like calculators?

A. They both multiply really fast.

Q. How many hairs in a rabbit’s tail?

A. None, they’re all on the outside.

Q. What does the Easter Rabbit get for making a basket?

A. Two points just like everybody!

Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

A. Bugs Bunny




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