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HAPPY NEW YEAR! January 15, 2009

Posted by priscilaraposo in Letter to Readers.

Dear Readers,clip_image002

Only now, as the year draws to a close, have I managed to set aside some time to drop you all a line, as the person that I am… sometimes a boss, a teacher and director; or a mother, a spouse, a sister, a daughter and aunt; a supplier and client; or a friend, colleague and acquaintance…
Today and at this very moment, I am just a person wishing to be happy and, if possible, seeking to make the lives of other people easier, so that they too can reach their personal goals.


First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have been part of my daily routine throughout the year of 2008, including family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, clients, and suppliers.

After all, everyone has helped to make 2008 an unforgettable year.


This year has been seen as a year of changes, trips and great discoveries.


Changes make us grow under all aspects, both inside and outside of ourselves.





  Each hurdle that we overcome,








                                                                                      each victory we achieve




shows us that, indeed, we do not achieve anything on our own and that in unity there is strength.

I would like to thank all of you who have trusted me, and have given me a chance to be part of your lives, even if only on a small scale.





May the year 2009 be full of victories, happiness and


success. clip_image018


May the year 2009 be an enlightened and creative year!


May we all be happy, now and always! clip_image022









Miriam Magalhães

Message for 2009



This short poem by Fernando Pessoa is very well known, and is beautiful for its sheer simplicity.

It is worth pondering over the poem’s message.
Best Regards,

Miriam Magalhães

“De tudo ficaram três coisas:

“From all, three things have remained:clip_image028

– A certeza de que estamos sempre a começar…

– The certainty that we are always about to start…clip_image030

– A certeza de que é preciso continuar…
– That we need to carry on…clip_image032

– A certeza de que seremos interrompidos, antes de terminar…
And that we shall be interrupted before we finish…

          Portanto, devemos:

Therefore, we should:

          – Fazer da interrupção, um caminho novo…
Turn the interruption into a new path…

– Da queda, um passo de dança…
– Turn our fall into a dance step…


             – Do medo, uma escada…
– Fear, into a staircase

– Do sonho, uma ponte…
   – A dream, into a bridge…


          – Da procura, um encontro.”
A search, into an encounter.”

Happy New Year!clip_image048



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