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LET’S GET FLUENT? January 12, 2009

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(by Daniela Amoretinha)


The other day I was watching David Letterman (the American Jô Soares), he was supposed to interview Senator John McCain that evening, but the latter canceled the interview the last minute saying he was rushing to Washington DC to think of ways to ‘save’ America from the recession… (…) (…).

Well, Letterman was not very pleased with that, and it got even worse when he finally learned what the presidential candidate was actually doing at that moment (but this you folks will have to find out by watching the link below); so, since Letterman knows he is one of those people that influences Americans, he started to say real nasty things about the candidate, his running mate, Sarah Palin, and the campaign itself; at one point he said: “… something is going haywire with the campaign…” which is an expression that relates to things that go out of control, that are messy, confusing and/or are not functioning properly, you can also say, for example: “Overeating makes the brain go haywire, prompting a cascade of damage that may cause diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses” (“Calorie overload can short-circuit your brainhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26995427/). I decided to focus on this expression this month, not only because it is a common expression, but also because of its use nowadays, since the most accepted origin of this expression actually goes back to the rural life in the US in the 19th century.

The wire (arame) used to bind hay bale (fardos de feno) is called ‘haywire’; when the farmers had to cut it in order to release the hay, it would writhe and wriggle around trying to return to its coiled state, which used to hurt the farmers and create a huge mess, especially if lost in the grass field. As you can see, this expression arouse in the countryside, however is it commonly used throughout the country, even on TV!!!



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