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HAvE YOU HEARD OF THE NEWS? October 9, 2008

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China milk scare ‘under control’


The Chinese tainted milk scandal is now under control, according to China’s chief food inspection official.

Mr Xiang Yuzhang gave his reassurance on the sidelines of a food safety conference held here in Beijing.

He said that the Chinese government had taken a series of strong measures to get to the bottom of the matter and that there were now no more problems.

More than 50,000 children were treated after they were fed on baby milk powder contaminated with melamine.

“As far as I know, there will be no more bad news,” Mr Xiang said.

The government says that it has sent more than 1,600 teams across the country to inspect dairy production plants.

The authorities have also detained several dozen people suspected of involvement in the supply of tainted milk.

Speaking in New York, China’s premier Wen Jiabao insisted that his government would take measures to improve product quality and food safety in China in a fundamental way.

Extinct tortoise ‘can live again’


An extinct Galapagos tortoise species could walk again, scientists believe.

Writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report finding relatives of Geochelone elephantopus alive and well.

Cross-breeding these living tortoises might re-create the extinct species – though it could take a century.

The distribution of related tortoises between the islands was one of the pieces of evidence Charles Darwin used in formulating his theory of evolution.

But of 15 known Galapagos species, four have since gone extinct – elephantopus less than two decades after Darwin visited the island.

Now, according to Gisella Caccone from Yale University in New Haven, US, there is a chance that its former island home of Floreana could one day feel its footsteps again.

“We might need three or four generations to do this,” she told BBC News.

“But in theory it could be done, and I think it’s pretty exciting to bring back from the dead a genome that we thought was gone.”



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