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WHAT’S ON? September 8, 2008

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clip_image002[4]by Leonardo Abraham

The Brilliant Characters in Drama

As you know, drama has gained a lot of prestige by many people in the world. Creativity is used every single second and the work is always running from play writers to screens and stage.


The film that everyone has been talking about recently is “Batman:
The Dark Knight”. It is one of the top movies of entertainment in the world, and people have been shocked and at the same time amazed at Heath Ledger’s performance as “The Joker”.  The actor really incorporated his character using his unique imagination. Unfortunately, Heath Ledger was found dead after an accidental overdose, at the age of 28.


Well, it is suggested that actors constantly remember who they really are as human beings. The acting world is marvelous, so dedicated and amazing actors usually disappear into their characters. However, they´ve got to learn how to get back to being themselves, in order to avoid disastrous incidents like the one that happened to Heath Ledger. 

As the show must go on … the whole world will be able to keep on appreciating the journey of entertainment.

My “Joker” is on youtube, please enter this link:


or key in JOKER LEONARDO ABRAHAM in the You Tube. To see the scene with Heath Ledger on Youtube, key in THE JOKER MAGIC TRICK BETTER QUALITY.

Sit down, relax and enjoy.



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