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LETTER TO READERS September 8, 2008

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Dear readers,

Do you believe in bad-luck? Superstition, according to Longman Dictionary is ‘a belief that some objects or actions are lucky or unlucky, or that they cause events to happen, based on old ideas of magic’.

Sometimes we trip over obstacles in life that will make us fall and even get hurt. Better curse and cross your arms?

Have you tried to think positive in moments of pain and pitfalls?


When we think positive, we send micro thoughts into the universe that surounds us and, consequently, attract positive things that combine with our thoughts. The truth is that our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of our lives. Start thinking about changing attitude towards life:

  • Know what you wish and ask the universe for it.
  • Focus your thoughts upon the thing desired with great feeling such as enthusiasm or gratitude.
  • Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is already acquired.
  • Be open to receiving it.

Bear in mind that we are what we want to be. And go for it!

Universal Studies wish you all a good September!

                                                                                       Priscila Raposo



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