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DID YOU KNOW? September 8, 2008

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Sounds animals make


Apes gibber
Asses bray
Bears growl
Bees hum, buzz, murmur
Beetles drone
Birds sing
Blackbirds whistle
Bulls bellow
Calves bleat
Cats meow, mew, purr, caterwal
Chickens peep, cackle
Cocks crow
Cows moo, low
Crows caw
Cuckoos cuckoo
Deer bell
Dogs bark, woof, arf
Dolphins click
Doves coo, moan
Ducks quack
Eagles scream
Elephants trumpet
Falcons chant
Flies buzz
Foxes bark, yelp
Frogs croak
Geese cackle, hiss, honk
Giraffes bleats, grunts
Grasshoppers chirp, pitter
Guinea pigs squeak, whistle
Gulls squawk
Hawks scram
Hippos bray
Horses neigh, whinny
Hyenas laugh
Lions roar
Mice squeak, squeal
Monkeys chatter, gibber
Owls hoot, screech, wail
Oxen low, bellow
Parrots talk
Peacocks scream
Penguin babies bleat
Pigeons coo
Pigs grunt, squeal, squeak
Rhinos snort
Sheep bleat, baa
Snake hiss
Sparrow chirp
Swans crey, hiss, grunt
Tigers roar, growl
Tortoises grunt
Turkeys gobble
Wolves howl



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