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TRAVELLER’S TIPS July 31, 2008

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You will find below some facts usually NOT found in travel books: 


– smelly, suffocating, squatting hole toilets

– spitting (loud, everywhere, constant and discusting)

– cigarrette smoking (non-stop, even in airplanes)

– People peeing on the streets


 clip_image002Playing cards for money is extremely popular. Everywhere, from streets to parks, to restaurants and roads in the middle of nowhere.

clip_image003Literacy rate is 86%. There are 8 languages plus dialects.

clip_image003[1]Policeman do not carry armies at all. No one does. Crime is practially non-existent among civilians. People are very gentle.

clip_image003[2]The Chinese government executes more people per year than any other nation. 
clip_image003[3]Head massage plus hair wash and dry: US$1.00!!!! Wonderful feet massage too. The very best. How not have 1 or many sessions per day while in China? 
clip_image003[4]Tea: day and night, the Chinese people carry their containers of green tea.

Tea houses: they look cozy but you might have surprise when find out what goes on behind the doors… sex shops. 
clip_image003[5]Pacient people. Hardly any horns blown in the crazy traffic, and we didn’t witness any accidents either! All forms of transportation flow randomly but usually without incidents. People appear calm, relaxed. 

clip_image005Chinese traffic jam



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