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Dear readers,

Winter Holidays have finally come and if you haven’t been able to get some days off, I hope you’ve been able to slow down, at least.

In the north, it’s summer and our English-speaking friends are having a lot of fun in the squares, parks, streets… what about you?

Have you been making the most of your time?


Lots have been said about time management and I can assure you that little changes in your routine may bring significant results to your life quality.

Have you tried reading a book in those ten minutes you have to wait for a bus or while you wait till food is ready? Have you tried tyding your place while you talk on the phone rather than scribbling a piece of paper?

That’s it, fellows. Simple things can make a difference. Managing your life can earn you more time to enjoy your kids or watch that film you never find time to.

Watch your time! That’s a piece of advice from Universal Studies!

Priscila Raposo





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