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LET’S GET FLUENT? July 31, 2008

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Fluency has long been an issue for the great majority of English learners. The question is: How fluent should one be in order to communicate and not spoil the message? Is perfection a possible accomplishment? We have selected a couple of tips to help you rethink your attitude towards English and, perhaps help you fins your way:

1. Learn the most common words


2. Listen well to pronounce correctly

The components of pronunciation are stress/emphasis, rhythm, pitch and intonation.  Remember that there are regional variations.  Notice the different elements and mimic it as closely as possible to a native speaker.

3.  Get your feet wet

The main difference between people who speak a language fluently and those who struggle is not innate ability but attitude.  People who are not afraid to speak at every opportunity (knowing full well they are making mistakes) always become fluent faster.

A few slips of pronunciation or the odd grammar mistake will not destroy meaning.  Just make yourself understood and keep trying.  Mistakes are the gateway to improvement and spoken fluency.

4.  Paraphrase

Do you have enough vocabulary to find “alternative” solutions? 

By paraphrasing you massively expand your ability to communicate confidently.  Instead of getting stuck on a word you don’t know, find a way around it.  The important thing is just to get your point across!

5.  Body language

It is said that over 80% of communication is non-verbal.  Do you know the customs and body language of your target language? 

Learn it and your ability to communicate (and your confidence) will increase exponentially.

6.  Apply your favoured learning style

Do you know your learning style?  Apply the method that best suits you.  Meet with native speakers in your town or via the internet. 

Download videos in the language from youtube.  Immerse yourself totally in the language for a set minimum amount of time each week.



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