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HOROSCOPE July 31, 2008

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clip_image002 Aries

An emotional entanglement could make this Monday seem like hard work. It’s possible that someone close to you is being a little demanding, or expecting a little too much from you, but to help you take that crucial step back seek the advice of an unflappable family member!

clip_image004 TAURUS

Lingering lunar influences will make you a force to be reckoned with today. You’ll be racing ahead while everyone else is still at the starting point, but slow down a little; you’ll get further by accepting a helping, guiding hand. Being a little humble will earn you more regard than being fiercely independent!

clip_image006 GEMINI

You’re likely to be in a very dreamy mood today, which, if you’re at work, won’t be very helpful. One strong and quite distracting influence is here for the day. It’s perhaps best that you avoid making major decisions, because you won’t be as discerning as you usually are!


Your week isn’t likely to start on a high note; moody influences in the morning will be replaced by fairly ambitious influences in the afternoon. Try not to judge or criticize today; your high expectations will be difficult for someone to live up to. In truth it’s not a great day to ‘touch base’!

clip_image010 LEO

Today is not a good day for romance, although in a couple of days the pace will certainly pick up. In the meantime attached Lions should meet their partners halfway, while singles might need to curb their impatience. A commitment issue could be the root cause of the tension!

clip_image012 VIRGO

You’re likely to start thinking big from today; a couple of powerful planetary influences will shift the emphasis from fun and friends and will prod you into deeper thought. This shift is likely to revolve around possible new career moves, especially if you’re feeling held back in your current position!

clip_image014 LIBRA

Listen to a friend today: wild and seemingly far-fetched ideas are probably a lot less far-fetched than you assume. If you feel as though you’re in a bit of a rut these wild ideas could be like a breath of fresh air, so put aside your doubts and pay attention to what’s being suggested!


In a similar way to Virgo’s day you are likely to feel the need to improve your situation, whether you’re at work or still studying. Training and vocational courses are well aspected, with the planets pushing you towards making some important decisions. Don’t let your inner doubts hold you back!

clip_image018 SAGITARIUS

You’re likely to feel the Monday morning blues more than most today: minor lunar influences make you quite determined to keep on top of things at work or school, but a spanner in the works could throw you off track. Be prepared to cut yourself some slack today!


The unsettling effects of yesterday’s planets may linger on today. Perhaps you’ll need to guard against being overly hesitant when it comes to agreements, promises, and partnerships. If possible you should avoid making any decisions or commitments for a couple of days!

clip_image022 AQUARIUS

Lunar influences suggest that you’ll be too easily side-tracked and not in a receptive mood, today. Thank goodness for friends, because someone will be on hand to point out something that you’ve missed or overlooked. Try not to dismiss the advice you receive; give it a chance at least!

clip_image024 PISCES

Prepare yourself for a slow start to the week, because thanks to a couple of pesky but minor aspects, you could find that you’re overloaded before you’ve even started. However, the planets suggest that it won’t actually be as bad as it first seems. Prioritize, keep your cool, and you’ll get through it!



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