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Business Etiquette July 31, 2008

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The Phone


ALWAYS RETURN CALLS. Even if you don’t yet have an answer to the caller’s question, call and explain what you’re doing to get the requested information, or direct them to the appropriate place to get it.

HAVE SOMEONE PICK UP YOUR CALLS in case you’re going to be out. If it is not possible, a least have your answering system tell the caller when you’ll be back in the office and when they can expect a call back.

IDENTIFY YOURSELF when you initiate a call and get a receptionist or secretary. Tell them the basic nature of your call. That way, you’ll be sure you’re getting the right person or department and the person you’re trying to reach will be able to pull up the appropriate information and help you more efficiently.

MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE MAIL SYSTEM IS WORKING PROPERLY. Check if it doesn’t tell the caller that the mailbox is full, transfer them to nowhere, or ring indefinitely. Address technical and system problems- a rude machine or system is as unacceptable as a rude person.

PERSONALIZE THE CONVERSATION. Many people act in electronic media (including phone, phone mail, and e-mail) the way they act in their cars. They feel since they’re not face-to-face with a person, it is perfectly acceptable to be abrupt, crass, or rude. We need to ensure that we make best use of the advantages of these media without falling headfirst into the disadvantages.



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