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Do you know that more than a third of the world’s population eat Chinese food daily?

Even if it was eaten regularly by some only, Chinese cooking would still be acknowledged as one of the greatest and original cuisines of the world.

The fact that Chinese restaurants are mushrooming in the West is undoubtedly a proof of the variety and quality of Chinese food. There’s a popular Chinese greeting:

“你吃了吗?” Ni (third tone) Chi(first) Le(first) Ma(third) which means “Have you eaten already?”

The culinary appeal of Chinese cooking has taken the Western culture by storm because those who experimented know how good and economical Chinese food can be. They discovered how easy it is to create Chinese dishes in their own kitchen and the joy of eating Chinese food can be experienced regularly rather than as an occasional treat.

The art of Chinese cooking does not, contrary to popular belief, present any real difficulty as you will soon find out at chinesefood-recipes.com. All the ingredients in Chinese recipes such as bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, water chestnuts and so forth can be readily purchased from most general food stores and supermarkets, and even online!

Color, aroma and flavor are not the only the key elements in Chinese cooking; nutrition is also a priority.”

Both the cooking and consumption of Chinese food are great culinary experiences. Besides appealing to our taste buds and eyes, food prepared in the Chinese manner is highly nutritious, retaining all its vitamins with quick and minimum cooking.

clip_image003The reward of cooking Chinese are obvious to anyone who has tasted a well-cooked Sweet and Sour Pork or was sustained by a succulent Chow Mein. Chinesefood-recipes.com has a great selection of free, easy-to-cook and delicious Chinese recipes. Give it a try and happy cooking!


Sweet and Sour Pork



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