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June 21, 2008

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Welcome to Universal Studies & Planet Holiday

Universal Studies is a Linguistic Consultancy and Language Training Company founded by Miriam Magalhães in Jan 1999 and counting on 28 years of proven experience in this market.
Our company is dedicated to tailor-made language training, with specialized dynamics in several different areas, personalized for business people and children.

Our Mission is to turn the learning experience into something unique, personalized, interesting, fulfilling and fun. We teach, learn and share in a creative, enjoyable and effective environment.
We provide training courses and linguistic consulting services with excellence; always going beyond our clients´ expectations.

We rely on the following items to give us the cutting edge in the learning process:
– Teaching the language – ability to express your ideas
– Teaching about the language – grammar structures
– Teaching something through the language – general knowledge in the language (cultural aspects/interests)


UNIVERSAL STUDIES has taken on a truly formative task, bringing out the real skills of each and every student, helping everyone to overcome future obstacles, in day-to-day professional and social life.

Through the use of Neurolinguistics and other techniques involving neuroassociations, such as Mind Mapping©, we ensure that our students will learn the new language naturally, not only for understanding but also for conversation, reading and writing.


To better meet our clients’ needs, we are divided into two parts:

Planet Holiday is fully dedicated to the teaching of languages to children and teenagers.
We believe that our children and teenagers are the professional people of the future.

Universal Studies is the division of the company that works on the implementation of language training programs, together with the HR Departments of companies, for the benefit of their executives and other employees.

We strive to promote the development of untapped skills in the individual, providing our students much more than just a simple learning process.

Pay us a visit and you will certainly become ONE OF US!
Universal Studies & Planet Holiday
www.universalstudies.com.br / www.planetholiday.com.br Av. Cidade Jardim, 427 conjuntos 13 & 14 Fone/Fax:11 3078-5311 planetuniversal@uol.com.br



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